Stir up something tasty!

  1. Watch your favourite celeb enjoying K-food

  2. Make a dish inspired by the video or a dish from book Korean Cooking for Indian Homes. Download a copy of the book here.

  3. Post cooking/food tasting videos/pictures on your social media using #KXperience & #mykchallenge_kfood

Get gorgeous!

  1. Watch the K-Beauty talk studio

  2. Show us your K-Beauty routine or experience

  3. Post makeup or skincare videos/pictures on your social media using #KXperience & #mykchallenge_kbeauty

Show your love for K-Stories!

  1. Watch the K-Drama talk studio

  2. Act out a K-Drama scene or dress up as a character

  3. Post videos/pictures on your social media using #KXperience & #mykchallenge_kdrama

Show your K-Love!

Watch our KXperience videos. Make your own versions and post on FB/ Instagram/ Twitter/ YouTube using #KXperience and the hashtags mentioned below. Win fab prizes!

Take the K travel survey and get a chance to win Korean goody bags.Tell us what you think about Korea after watching our videos. Get lucky!

Get ready to dance!

  1. Watch the video featuring Alexa & Shraey Khanna

  2. Make your song/dance covers or reaction videos using the song Xtra by Alexa

  3. Post on your social media using #KXperience & #mykchallenge_kpop